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I wanted to create a library reference blog where I can provide a listing of the books I have in my library, present and past (past in that some have been lost in transit over the years). I will provide a graphic, if available, a short description, if available, and the bibliography. When possible a link to Amazon will be provided.

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Boyd: The Fighter Pilot

Coram, Robert. “Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War.” Back Bay Books. New York. 2004. 

Review: You may be wondering why this book is listed in the library of a karate and martial art self-defense library but it becomes apparent since this man took us out of the dark ages of human conflict and into the future where one aspect of his teachings is used, the OODA Loop. 

Reading another article by Rory Miller expressing a greater understanding of the true intent in the OODA loop inspired me to seek out more so that I bought this book. It is a new way to see the art of war that spans from the individual to a nation at war. So much so that his doctrine of “Patterns of War,” has been adopted by all our military as well as many of the military in other nations (once it was declassified, etc.). 

“Wars take place between nations, every person experiences some form or war; conflict is a fundamental part of human nature. To prevail in personal and business relations, and especially war, we must understand  what takes place in a person’s mind.” _ Col. Boyd

Colonel Boyd speaks in this one quote how conflict is in our very genes, it is as he states “Human Nature.” I feel that this speaks the truth and wanted to add this book to the library as a study of the art of war according to Boyd for every karate-ka, martial artist and self-defense proponent because as it has proven in its implementation in the military and in business, it works. It transcends, much like the Sun Tzu Art of War, time, space and socially driven cultural beliefs of all humans. A great deed done say I of Boyd’s work.