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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Force Decisions

Miller, Rory. "Force Decisions: A Citizen's Guide." YMAA Publications. NH. 2012.

Review: I ordered this book yesterday, the 31st of April 2012, and look forward to the read.

This is another "hit" for Rory Miller. In light of the recent news hoopla on the Florida Trayvon and Zimmerman case this is one book every single person who shouted out their indignation toward the police handling things should read, read, and read again.

Mr. Miller provides a lot of information on how Police, generally speaking, work and handle things, i.e. force situations, etc. and does so in a format easy for anyone not a police person can understand.

This is another one for the required reading and understanding rule of any self-protection system including the various forms of martial arts. 

The modest price on Amazon makes this must read book very easy to acquire - get it and read it soonest. :-)

p.s. I just finished Rory Miller's new book. I can state, "When I read of an officer using force I have a better understanding of the circumstances that drove it and the rules, fundamentally, the officer works under. "

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