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Thursday, February 21, 2019

The Second Amendment and the American Gun & Aftermath: Lessons in Self-Defense

Fleming, Jim. "The Second Amendment and the American Gun: Evolution and Development of a Right Under Siege." Rivers Edge Production. 2016

Fleming, Jim. "Aftermath: Lessons in Self-Defense:What to Expect When the Shooting Stops." Rivers Edge Production. 2015

Review: I am reviewing both at the same time because as you will soon see they both work together in regard to the use of firearms for self-defense. The second book also speaks somewhat to those who would use either their empty hands or other weapons for self-protection so that they can understand in a very basic, fundamental, way what to expect when the dust clears. 

Since I and others, those professionals I rely on, have spoken of this over a long period of time and since it is about what is missing from the self-defense industry and communities be they martial arts or other these two books speak volumes in support of and in addition to and in relation to what is needed if you have to defend and protect yourself, your family or your tribe/clan/neighbors, etc. 

On the second amendment, I have to express how much I learned that is what I didn’t know or didn’t know I didn’t know and about what I assumed I did know that is just plain wrong makes this book a MUST READ for everyone who is concerned about the second amendment as it speaks to our rights to be firearm owners. This is not a read only end all answer to the question of validity in regard to the 2nd but it is informative and enlightening BECAUSE as a person who no longer owns firearms but did at one time and as a person who believes in the 2nd but is not ‘religiously’ a believer I still found that with just this bit of information I have solidified and validated my past, present and future beliefs that the 2nd is and always will be a valid confirmation of human history in the strong belief of arming and protecting and defending ourselves and others at the base level of citizens and individuals with firearms and other methodologies appropriate to our needs in that endeavor. 

On the second book, that one destroyed some of my beliefs, assumptions and increased my understanding of just how critically important this knowledge is to our endeavor to learn, teach, practice, train and MOST OF ALL APPLY protection-defenses against such socially unacceptable aggressions and violences that may come our way regardless of how much safer our society and social realities have become. I have to say that it ‘scared be straight about what must be taught’ in self-defense protection models, all of them. 

I thought that the most danger I would have to face in my life would have been while active duty military and in the rare chance that social/asocial violence in every day life AND now I UNDERSTAND as you can imagine and may already know the greater danger to the destruction of one’s way of life is the “Legal System.” 

If we don’t follow the examples and recommendations and experiences of those experts especially provided by Mr. Fleming, whose experiences and knowledge and understanding span all aspects both social and legal will leave us ill prepared to handle self-protection against the violence found socially and legally in society. 

I list in my bibliography those most critical books and sources for self-protection as it pertains to being attacked but these two are special in they cover those areas and the legal dangers that happen after you use your wonderful self-protection skills. 

Get these books!!!!

For reference and sources and professionals go here: Bibliography (Click the link)

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