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Friday, September 14, 2018

The History of Karate and the Masters Who Made It

Cramer, Mark I. "The History of Karate and the Masters Who Made It: Development, Lineages, and Philosophies of Traditional Okinawan and Japanese Karate-do." Blue Snake Books. July 24, 2018 

Review: I am stunned, stunned because so many other books on this subject are of questionable quality and that is not to say that a lot of books are of quality and informative and enlightening YET this one stunned me. I began reading and before I knew it I was well past the fourth chapter. Usually, even the very best of books, I am reading in chunks simply because I would get easily distracted before long and simply put the book down until later reading it over a longer period of time rather than almost in one fell swoop. 

I do have my doubts about some of the material as to historical validity and yet I still didn’t get distracted to copy the part for later consideration. I also, as you probably already know that it is going to take several readings to just absorb the material for further research and assessment as to its factual historical nature. I am even waiting to hear from other historian karate-ka on the content. 

Cramer Sensei has done a most excellent and bang up job putting karate into this book and from me, humbly, I present my “kudo’s” on a job well done. His work has earned a very high place in my library regardless of historical validity or simply a well thought theory and belief of one persons perceptions and practices. If you have an interest in learning about your karate, then this book will provide you sustenance because of its quality and rhythm and word work.

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