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I wanted to create a library reference blog where I can provide a listing of the books I have in my library, present and past (past in that some have been lost in transit over the years). I will provide a graphic, if available, a short description, if available, and the bibliography. When possible a link to Amazon will be provided.

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Japan's Cultural Code Words

DeMente, Boye Lafayette. "Japan's Cultural Code Words: 233 Key Terms That Explain the Attitudes and Behavior of the Japanese." Tuttle. Vermont, Tokyo and Singapore. 2004.

Review: This book supplements the Japanese Kata book more than I would have imagined. After all, I only bought this one because it was the same author but it was an excellent purchase and opened my eyes to many more things that I assumed were martial art oriented and confirmed that many aspects of the martial arts, the dojo and the Sensei were merely the Japanese living their culture into the dojo.

This book explains many terms and how they reflect the culture, beliefs and disciplines that seem to dictate how and why Japanese are Japanese.

You may think this is not necessary when you see it mostly discusses the view of doing business in Japan but don't allow that to dissuade you from reading it for it has many connections to the why and how of the Japanese martial arts dojo, Sensei and system.

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