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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

On Killing

Grossman, Dave LtCol. "On Killing: The Physiological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society. Back Bay Books. New York. 2009.

Review: What is most important about this book all martial arts connections aside is its value to our Marines, Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen who are or have served in combat. I include those civilian combatants such as Police, Jail Officers, EMT's, Firemen, etc. who go into harm's way here at home too.

The best review I can provide is a story, My close friend, a Marine retired, who served in combat over there in Viet Nam was beginning to experience "stress" and I recommended Col Grossman's books both this one and another I will review later.

He wrote me back and said thanks for the books because it made a huge difference. It resulted in his seeking more from the VA and resulted in many venues that have since aleviated the "ghosts (my word)" that seemed to haunt him today.

I would say this set of books by Col. Grossman should be required reading by all military in boot camp, at pre-deployment training, during combat and upon return home.

We as a society "require" our military to go to war so we should also provide them all, I mean all, services and education/training to combat the enemy, both within and on the field of battle.

Bibliography for On Combat:
Grossman, Dave Lt.Col. Christensen, Loren. "On Combat: The Physiology and Physiology of Deadly Colnflct in War and Peace." Warrior Science Publications. 2008.

Review: See above.

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