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Friday, January 20, 2012

The Origins of Human Violence

DeMente, Boye LaFayette. "The Origins of Human Violence: Male Dominance, Ignorance, Religions and Willful Stupidity!" Phoenix Books. Kentucky. 2010.

Review: I, as can readily be determined, am reading yet another book by Mr. DeMente. I am reading his view of Violence. I must say that his view is a bit "different" yet actually the same as others I have experienced. He has a lot to say about "men/males" along with their dominating role in violence. I recommend it as it supplements all the other material nicely.

I mean I had not gotten past the fist two paragraphs before I had to grab the highlighter and highlight both paragraphs. I was flabbergasted and enjoyed those first two immensely.

A teaser: "Throughout human history there have always been elements of ignorance and stupidity in the mindset and behavior of males that have inflected incredible violence and suffering on most of mankind since day one. " - Boye LaFayette DeMente

I am so looking forward to reading all of his thoughts and idea's.

p.s. reader beware, his voice and message can be challenging when you read this one. He really hits hard, fast and without gloves pointing to many uncomfortable views.

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